Real Estate Agent

George King

Daytona Beach, Florida is a great place to live and work, which is why George King chose to call it home. With roots in Little Rock, Arkansas, George came to the Daytona Beach Area in 1979, where he attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and studied Aeronautical Engineering. George has spent many years in the air condition and heating business and holds a state contractors license for Air Conditioning and Heating. George has a passion for customer service, and with a history of being one of the top Air Conditioning and Heating advisors in the country, it is easy to see why many clients rely on George for help buying and selling. George King is now a part of the Newberry Real Estate and Development Group Inc. and is passionate about helping clients take the next step in their home ownership journey. George loves being a part of Daytona Beach community events. When George King isn’t in the office or volunteering, you’ll often find him watching movies and enjoying time with friends and family.!